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Welcome to the Pepsi Cola Collectors Club Website thanks for stopping by. Before we introduce you to the Pepsi Cola Collectors Club and share all the extra benefits available to members we would like to share a little information about how the website works. There are really two areas, one is the Public area where members and non members have full access and the Member's area only accessible by members. The Public area contains a lot of information. Make sure you click on each tab and explore each area so as not to miss anything. To get to the Member’s area click on the Member’s Login-Join tab. Here you are able to login or join. The Member’s area contains so much more. You will even find collectables for sale there. Who doesn’t want to add to their collection? If you have a problem or a question send it to 

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Our Website 

The Pepsi Cola Collectors Club Website is an exciting place to visit for long time seasoned collectors as well as those who are just starting out. Other collectors are always the best and most reliable source for information and knowledge. As the website grows the wealth of knowledge, information and available resources will grow right along with it.

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Help promote the PCCC, grow our membership and win a prize by doing so. Special prize to the PCCC member who brings in the most new members using the Promo Brochure. Be sure to write your name or Member ID# in the spot marked on the brochure.

The Winner will be announced at Pepsi Fest 2015.

You do not need to be present to win — but it would be great if you were!

Download and print copies of the PCCC Promotional Brochure to share with friends, or collectors place in Antique Shops, Flea Markets, Swap Meets or any place else a Pepsi Collector may be found.

Or contact Diane Gabriel to have a supply of brochures sent to you.
















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We have been around for 25 years. 

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Founded in 1983

The Pepsi Cola Collectors Club was founded in 1983 by Bob Stoddard. The club began with only a few enthusiastic Pepsi Collectors from Southern California. It has grown into a nationwide organization and also has members overseas. The Pepsi Cola Collectors Club brings fellow collectors together to share enthusiasm for the hobby of collecting Pepsi memorabilia. Members can exchange information about new collectables, vintage collectables, reproductions and much more. Members also have many extra chances to buy, sell or trade Pepsi Collectables of every kind. Many club members are dedicated to preserving the history and memorabilia of the Pepsi Cola Company. The Pepsi Cola Collectors Club is committed to enhancing the hobby of Pepsi collecting as well as to bring fellow Pepsi collectors together to share collectables, enjoy social gatherings and most of all to have a great time.

We Can Help 

Do you have any Pepsi, Teem, Patio Cola or Mountain Dew items and you would like to know how old they are or how much they may be worth? Join the members section of the website to post questions and receive responses from collectors everywhere. Have you seen an item for sale but were not sure if it was an original or a reproduction? Other collectors have probably seen it too and may have the answer you are looking for. Our reproduction section is updated regularly with new information. We are always watching for new reproductions items to appear. Our goal is to provide you with the newest information as quickly as possible. You may also post notices about items you would like to find, sell or trade. There is an excellent chance that another member may have the item you are looking for or want the item you have for sale or trade. Join the members section to take advantage of all the benefits that comes along with being a member of the Pepsi Cola Collectors Club.


Don't forget to check out the Events section to find out what may be going in your area. With three national conventions and many local chapters, chances are there are Pepsi Collectors gathering near you. Don't miss out on seeing many good friends' great Pepsi and Mountain Dew collectables and all the Pepsi or Mountain Dew you can drink. Join the Pepsi Cola Collectors Club by going to the Sign-Up page.
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It is important that we have your correct contact information in order to be able to communicate with you about club information. Please click HERE to send us an email message containing you current email address and mailing address. With this information, timely updates can be shared with you. Thank you.


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